Tundrea holiday centre in Lapland

Electricity is usually the biggest expense item for a holiday resort, and a majority of that expense is heating. This was the case also in Tundrea where OptiWatti was installed into 30 chalets. The investment was successful with a ROI less then 3 years.

‘Our annual energy consumption was about one gigawatt-hour. A big part of this was used by the caravan area next to the holiday centre and with OptiWatti we were able to control power consumption in the premises’, shares Chairman of the board, Simo Vanhapiha.

He recommends OptiWatti to holiday centres, particularly those with high energy costs. Heating adjusted on the basis of varying occupancy is a natural way to save energy. At Tundrea, considerable benefits were also gained by remote control as the chalets are located at a distance from each other.

Excellent customer service

The BTS network in Lapland is fairly sparse and the rugged landscape with big differences in altitude creates dead zones. This problem in the wireless connection was solved by replacing the poorest connections with wired ones.

‘OptiWatti sent their representative back to us to solve problems, which made us happy. It’s good to co-operate with a company that seems to have new solutions that help to solve problems and extend the functionality of existing features’, says Vanhapiha.

Tundrea (Kilpisjärven Loma Oy)

Tundrea is a full-service holiday centre located on the shore of Lake Kilpisjärvi, right at the bottom of the Saana fell, about 7 km from the Swedish and Norwegian borders. Tundrea offers comfortable accommodation and restaurant services all year round.

The site

Several chalets, ski service, terraced house apartments, service and restaurant buildings and a sauna by the lake.

Heating solution:

Direct electric heating

OptiWatti was introduced:

In April 2015

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Tundrea holiday centre in Lapland

Electricity is usually the biggest expense item for a holiday resort, and a majority of…

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