What is OptiWatti

Optimise your heating and cooling and save as much as 40%

‘I want the temperature to be 21°C in my living room at 5 pm, thank you!’

Determine the desired temperature in each room, on an hourly basis if you wish. OptiWatti will control and schedule the heating and cooling accordingly.

OptiWatti analyses outside temperature, weather forecast and price of electricity and it learns how each of the rooms react to temperature changes.

This results in lower energy consumption and an ideal temperature at every moment!

Save energy – you will also save money and climate

Heating and cooling takes up by far the largest portion of energy consumed in premises. That is why it can also yield the biggest savings when optimised.

OptiWatti controls heating and cooling accurately and discreetly. When you are at home, the temperature always feels comfortable, but when you are absent, the empty house is not heated or cooled unnecessarily.

A smart system increases the value of the property

OptiWatti improves the marketability of houses: low consumption and smart remote control attract buyers.

Installation of the wireless system does not require major renovations. With its low implementation costs, OptiWatti is an affordable way to bring your house up to date.



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