Our history

Our mission

Our mission in OptiWatti is to fight against climate change. For this we provide easy-to-use solutions to save energy and increase comfort.


OptiWatti combines room level temperature control, solar panels, local energy storage and demand response. Market expansion has started and we are growing exponentially.

The company is owned by operating management,  Taaleri Kiertotalous and Butterfly Ventures. The business is growing rapidly and we have a talented team to develop world-class solutions to fight against climate change.

OptiWatti was founded as Juha Marjetta needed to get the heating of his home under control. The heating consisted of electric radiators, floor heating, air-source heat pump and a fire place.

Controlling many different heaters was complicated, and it was not possible to actively adjust them. Another challenge was posed by his little sons, who kept adjusting the temperatures in their rooms. All this resulted in uneven temperatures and big electricity bills.

On this basis, Juha began looking for a solution, and he soon found out that there was nothing suitable available in the market. He wanted to be able to optimise temperatures separately in each room without having to carry out major investments and wiring work. Because there was no ready-made solution available that met his needs, Juha decided to build a system himself. Eventually he came up with OptiWatti, a smart system that offers an easy way to adjust temperatures separately in each room.