Energy efficiency to high-consuming log house

Mr. Tapio Lampinen had tried a number of ways to reduce wasted energy in the high consuming building. Not even the two fireplaces and heat pumps had helped – until the entire heating system was linked to OptiWatti.

Lampinen thought that heating optimization requires smarter solution and that would be the only way to eliminate unnecessary use of energy. He found OptiWatti at a fair and the rest is a textbook example of energy efficiency.

Before OptiWatti the building’s annual energy consumption was close to 30,000 kWh. With OptiWatti the consumption decreased to 21,000 kWh. The reduction was considerable, particularly when considering the increased need for heating due to a colder winter.

‘Saving in heating costs was the main reason for us to buy OptiWatti, but we were happy to learn that the system also saves nature’, shares Lampinen.

How are these considerable savings generated?

The retired professor spends most of his time at home in the combined kitchen-living room. Certain rooms, such as the guest room, are hardly ever used. The bedroom is only used during the night, and the fireplace lounge is used when the couple watch TV in the evenings. The savings are based on room-specific heating profiles that determine when it makes sense to heat up certain spaces. When a room is not used, the temperature can be lower.

During long-term absence the heating in the entire house can be switched off via a mobile app and switched on again upon return. This put an end to wasted energy.

‘It’s foolish not to use OptiWatti’, stresses Lampinen, and continues:

‘Contact OptiWatti and ask for a quote. Their service has always been excellent and I have received help very quickly.’

The site

A detached log house built in 1999, with two storeys and a living area of 160 m2. The building has air-source heat pumps installed on both storeys.


Retired professor Tapio Lampinen and his wife.

Heating solution:

Electric radiators, floor heating and air-source heat pumps are all controlled by OptiWatti. The family uses spot-priced energy.

Energy consumption:

The annual power consumption was 30,000 kWh. After the installation of OptiWatti it decreased by 9,000 kWh to 21,000 kWh. In terms of money, the savings are over €900 a year.

OptiWatti was introduced:

in March 2017

Energy efficiency to high-consuming log house

Mr. Tapio Lampinen had tried a number of ways to reduce wasted energy in the…

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