Operating principle

Benefits of OptiWatti

OptiWatti helps to minimise energy consumption of homes, cabins and large properties. It will also provide more comfort: the smart system ensures that the temperature in each room is just as you want it to be.

You can use OptiWatti on your computer, tablet or smartphone and all heaters are controlled via one user interface.

With OptiWatti you can you can adjust each room’s temperature on an hourly basis. Or you can change the temperature for the entire building with just one command.

With OptiWatti you can control and monitor:

  • electric radiators
  • floor heating
  • ceiling heating
  • air-source heat pumps
  • boilers
  • car charging and heating
  • water leakage
  • movement
  • CO2

All elements of OptiWatti communicate wirelessly, eliminating the need for complicated wiring work. This also allows optimal placement of the sensors.

Examples of temperature adjustments:

  • You can set the bedroom temperature to cool down for the duration of sleep.
  • Waking up in a cold room is not pleasant, so you can set the temperature to be higher in the morning.
  • When the children are at school, their rooms do not need full heating or cooling.
  • There is no point in heating or cooling  the garage during the daytime when the car is not there.
  • It makes sense to boost the heating of the bathroom and boiler for morning or evening to make sure there is enough hot water and that the bathroom dries up quicker.

OptiWatti learns how each room reacts to temperature changes and it takes into account outside temperature, weather forecast and the price of electricity.Installation does not require major renovations.

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