Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


What kind of heating systems can be controlled by OptiWatti?

OptiWatti allows you to control electrical radiators and ceiling, underfloor, or window heating systems, air-source heat pumps, boilers, trace heating, and car heating. New objects are continuously added to the system.

Which brands are compatible with OptiWatti?

OptiWatti is not tied exclusively to certain brands; it can be used to control devices of any brand.

Can OptiWatti be used to control old radiators?

Yes, it can. It is not necessary to replace radiators that are still in working condition.

What kind of electricity contract should I have?

OptiWatti can be used with any type of contract and you can change the contract while using OptiWatti. When using hourly-priced spot electricity, the cheapest hours are automatically used for heating and cooling.

Can you control each room separately?

Yes, and this is what you should do. When heating and cooling is controlled separately for each room, you achieve the best comfort and the most savings. Usage varies a lot between rooms and OptiWatti learns how each of them reacts to temperature changes.

Can you control all rooms as a one space?

Yes, that is possible, but you save more and achieve better comfort when rooms are controlled separately. If all rooms are controlled together as a single space, some rooms may end up being too hot and others too cold.

Can OptiWatti be used to control the underfloor heating in the bathroom?

Yes it can, and this is also recommended. Heating up wet spaces often consumes large amounts of energy as the temperature is usually maintained at too high level. OptiWatti makes the wet spaces warmer when they are being used and it also monitors the levels of humidity.

How does OptiWatti anticipate the need for heating?

The room-specific temperature and the energy consumed are being continuously measured. With this data OptiWatti learns:

  • How fast the temperature in the room changes;
  • How long it takes to achieve different temperatures;

In addition to observing the room, OptiWatti also considers the weather forecast and outdoor temperature in determining when to heat or cool.

Do I need to teach OptiWatti?

No, OptiWatti is smart and it learns by itself.

How do you control an air-source heat pump?

OptiWatti makes an air-source heat pump operate in seamless co-operation with the rest of the heating system. It is controlled from the OptiWatti user interface and the commands are transmitted to the pump via an IR transmitter.

Do other devices heat up when the air-source heat pump is used for cooling?

If you want, you can have other devices switched off automatically for the duration of cooling.

How do you control a boiler?

You can select the hours when the boiler is heated. If you are using hourly-prised spot electricity, you can automatically use the cheapest hours.

How do you control car heating?

Just tell OptiWatti at which time you want your car to be warm. OptiWatti will observe the outdoor temperature and ensure the car is ready for you at the right time.

How do you monitor water leakage?

You can connect wireless sensors in OptiWatti that detect water leakage. In case of a leak, you will be notified via the interface and email. At the site, the sensor emits an alarm signal.

How do the various components of OptiWatti communicate?

Communication between the components is based on wireless radio technology. The frequency is 868MHz.

What is the benefit of being wireless?

With a wireless system, there is no need for costly and unsightly wiring work. It also allows sensors to be placed in exactly right places in the rooms.

Why is it important to place the temperature sensor in a precise place?

The sensor should be placed in a spot in the room upon which the temperature of the room control will be based. There is a lot of variation between rooms, and the sensor location is determined during installation.

Why can’t the sensor be close to a heat source?

The temperature varies the most near a radiator. Usually the spot is the coldest in the room, but at times the radiator produces a lot of heat. This may deviate the sensor.

What happens if you lose your Internet connection?

The weekly schedule of each room is stored in the central unit in the building. If you lose connection to the Internet, OptiWatti will use the latest settings in controlling the heating and cooling. When the Internet connection is back, OptiWatti checks and applies possible changes made during the brake.

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