A smart system that integrates all heating and cooling elements

OptiWatti is a smart system for reducing energy consumption and integrating individual heaters and coolers into one user interface.

OptiWatti provides a single solution for controlling all your heaters, whether radiators or ceiling, underfloor or window heating systems, air-source heat pump or boiler.

OptiWatti also monitors your property in case of leaks or unauthorised entry.

Optimised use of air-source heat pump with other heating methods

An air-source heat pump connected to OptiWatti operates in seamless co-operation with the rest of the heating system. When the heat pump is selected as the primary source of heating for a room, other heating sources are switched on only when the heat pump is not able to provide the desired temperature.

An infrared transmitter is installed close to the heat pump with a wireless connection to the OptiWatti central unit. This allows you to control also your heat pump via the OptiWatti interface.

OptiWatti ensures that you do not accidentally have other sources of heating on during hot summer days while you are cooling the house.

An air-source heat pump raises the temperature rapidly. OptiWatti can maintain the temperature low in an unoccupied space and make use of the power of the air-source heat pump to quickly raise it when needed.

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