Our email addresses: firstname.lastname@optiwatti.com


Ari Tolonen


Tel:+358 (0) 44 044 1001
Rezarta Marjeta

Business Controller

Marianne Castrén

Administration Manager, OptiWatti AB

Tel:+46 76 085 3228


Jarmo Valvio

Sales Director

Tel:+358 (0) 44 355 2040
Tomi Ahola

Account Manager

Anne Haataja

Account Manager

Joni Jokikokko

Account Manager

Hannu Loponen

Account Manager

Aki Nieminen

Account Manager

Toni Nyman

Account Manager

Tuomas Virtanen

Sales Coordinator

Rauno Pusa

Senior Advisor


Jyri Seppä

Marketing Director

Tel:+358 40 017 1400
Maarit Kylänpää

Marketing Manager


Esa Vepsäläinen


Tel:+358 (0) 40 588 3190
Jan Jokelainen

Lead Developer

Hannu Hirvonen

Senior Software Designer

Eljas Knuutila

System Developer

Bernardo Di Chiara

System Developer

Matias Hamara

System Developer

Timo Mauranen

R&D trainee

Product management

Juha Marjeta

Chief Product Officer

Tel:+358 (0) 44 044 2000
Jani Kanninen

Senior Technical Product Manager

Thomas Axelsson

Product Manager

Technical support

Jussi Savola

Senior Quality Engineer

Eero A. Sarlin

Technical Support


Sakari Hietala

Production Director

Eric Hellström

Installation Management and Support

Seppo Kehusmaa

Installation Management and Support

Paula Vähäkangas

Logistics Coordinator

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