How the savings are generated

The cost of heating and cooling is considerable

Heating and cooling consume major part of the energy in premises. Therefore they also offer the best possibilities for saving.

As a rule of a thumb, costs generally decrease by 5% if you lower the temperature by one degree. Even greater savings are gained when temperatures are adjusted separately in each room with consideration of how and when each room is used at different times of the day and week. This room-specific optimisation can generate up to 40% savings.

Room-specific optimisation

Most buildings have several different heaters, and adjusting their thermostats is laborious. That is why they are not adjusted very often, which results in excessive energy consumption.

It makes sense to think of what is a suitable temperature in each room during different times of day. In general, 21°C is considered comfortable temperature, but when the room is empty, you can lower the temperature, for instance to 18°C.

In terms of heating, rooms vary greatly, and it is affected by features such as number of outward-facing walls, size and direction of windows, heater efficiency, and a number of other heat sources. OptiWatti learns how each room reacts to temperature changes at different outdoor temperatures and combines this information to weather forecast.

Hourly priced electricity

OptiWatti offers an additional benefit for users of hourly prised spot electricity: it monitors electricity price and sets heating and cooling to  the most affordable hours.

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