Floating villas in Reposaari

Reposaari floating villas are located in a beautiful marine milieu in Pori. The villas, owned by Yyteri Sun Oy, are rented out all year.

OptiWatti was installed in April 2017, and in summer 2018, heating control was connected to a Sportum booking system.

We asked Yyteri Sun Oy’s executive director Ekku Lehtonen to describe their experiences:

Which challenges did you want to solve with OptiWatti?

“Remote control was clearly the main reason for introducing OptiWatti. The villas have had high energy consumption and we wanted to address unnecessary heating.

Our office is located about 30 km from the villas. Before OptiWatti, we had to go all the way to the villas to adjust heating manually. It was a crazy job having to separately adjust radiators and thermostats a day before the guests arrived. With such a long way, it was easy to leave the heating on, and at too high a level.

From the beginning, we also wished to be able to connect control of heating and the villas’ booking system. Heating has now been automated and it is switched on and off according to the booking situation.”

Which other benefits have you noticed by comparison to the time before OptiWatti?

“It is extremely good to have the heating work automatically based on the booking system. It makes the daily work at our reception much easier, and it eliminates human errors as adjusting the heating does not depend on whether you remember to do it or not. The receptionist can also manage a larger number of stays now.

In addition to remote control, we really appreciate being able to monitor temperatures remotely and see if there is a problem in any of the rooms. At times the villas are unoccupied, and when it is really cold outside, for instance, it is easy to check that everything is alright. The alarms are also great.”

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Floating villas in Reposaari:

both villas, built in 2008, are being rented out all year long

Villa Kapteeni:

2 storeys, living area 95 m²

Villa Kalastaja:

living area 52 m²

Heating solution:

direct electric heating

OptiWatti was introduced:

in April 2017

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