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At a holiday resort, controlled heating pays off

Tundrea holiday centre in Lapland

Electricity is usually the biggest expense item for a holiday resort, and a majority of that expense is heating. This was the case also in Tundrea where OptiWatti was installed...

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‘Our annual energy consumption was about one gigawatt-hour. A big part of this was used by the caravan area next to the holiday centre and with OptiWatti we were able to control power consumption in the premises.’

Simo Vanhapiha, Chairman of the Board, Kilpisjärven Loma Oy
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Automatic heating of villas based on the booking situation

Floating villas in Reposaari

Reposaari floating villas are located in a beautiful marine milieu in Pori. The villas, owned by Yyteri Sun Oy, are rented out all year. OptiWatti was installed in April 2017,...

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‘We had a need to connect heating into the villas’ booking system. Heating has now been automated and it is switched on and off based on the booking situation.’

Ekku Lehtonen, CEO, Yyteri Sun Oy
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A detached house

OptiWatti boosted sale of a detached house

OptiWatti made Pekka Väisänen’s home energy-efficient and ensured a smooth sale of the detached house. The house has electric heating and it was built in 1993. Electric heating has a bad...

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Before OptiWatti the consumption was 16,000 kWh. During the first year it decreased to 12,000 kWh, which corresponds to about 40% savings in heating.

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Eliminating wasted energy in a high-consuming log house

Energy efficiency to high-consuming log house

Mr. Tapio Lampinen had tried a number of ways to reduce wasted energy in the high consuming building. Not even the two fireplaces and heat pumps had helped – until...

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‘Saving in heating costs was the main reason for us to buy OptiWatti, but we were happy to learn that the system also saves nature.’

Tapio Lampinen

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Our mission in OptiWatti is to fight against climate change. For this we provide easy-to-use solutions to save energy and increase comfort.

Our business is growing rapidly. In 2016 we won a nation-wide KasvuOpen competition as the most potential growth company in Finland.